Thank you for attending LUX! Messiah: here we come!

Thank you for attending our Lux concert last week on November 10th. Special thanks to Trinity College Chapel, soloists: Lucy Fitz Gibbon, Mahsa Mahadian, and composers: Ben Jisoo Kim, Laura Silberberg and Cecilia Livingston. What a great evening of choral soundscapes.

Quotes from audience members:

“Absolutely FABULOUS concert! The choir rattled the rafters with just the sound of their voices”

“exquisitely programmed! Cannot wait for the next concert!”

“What a lovely way to end a program, with the audience sing! Thank you!”

Be sure to catch us on December 15th at Grace Church on the Hill for Messiah with the combined Grace Church choirs.

Thinking of the holidays already? How about tickets to Deus on Saturday March 23rd, 2013, where we will feature soprano soloist Lucy Fitz Gibbon and mezzo- soprano Catharin Carew. Not to be missed! Get your tickets now!