Choir Testimonial

From our soprano Kristin Ostensen: (2019)

Being a member of the CCS has been a wonderful experience. Over my seven seasons with the choir, we have done an incredible range of repertoire–new, old and everything in between. I’ve been introduced to many new (often still living) composers, while also having the opportunity to sing composers I’ve always loved and enjoyed. Thanks to Cheryll and my fellow choristers, I have grown considerably as a singer through my participation in CCS, and I’m very grateful for that. CCS is a fun, creative choral community where it’s not just about making music; it’s also about making friends and having fun together.

Read below for a testimonial written by one of our audience members: (2018)

“The Cantabile Chamber Singers’ Lumina concert on March 23 was the most enjoyable choral performances I have attended in recent years. The concert’s theme was light and its presence in our lives- birth, death, love, disappointment and forgiveness. This idea of light was coupled with the concert taking place during the same week as Earth Hour, a grassroots movement for the environment, inspiring millions of people across the world to take action for our planet and nature. The concert included works from the Renaissance to modern day compositions, opening with Purcell’s Miserere Mei, with audience being surrounded by the beautiful sounds of harmonies from singers around the church. O Lux Beata Trinitas by Dr. Laura Sgroi was among my favourites, inspired by the renaissance, Sgroi added more colours, energy, texture and drama to this contemporary polyphonic composition. Stars by Eriks Essenvalds was another one of my favourites, with the use of tuned wine glasses as the accompaniment, adding somewhat dissonant chords throughout the piece, that created a mysterious and cool sense, yet it was also soothing, serene, and peaceful. Finally, the concert finished with I am the Great Sun written by Jussi Chydenius, which was majestic and luxurious. Listeners could hear layers of texture with challenging imitative passages of melodies and short motifs, finishing with a grand homophonic finale. Having attended a number of Cantabile Chamber Singers’ concerts, I found this evening one of the most memorable as the harmonious and sweet sounds of the a cappella singers bring warmth and light to the symbolic darkness of Earth Hour, adding hope and beauty to all things around us in life.”

  • Justina So Yu, YRDSB Music Consultant

It was a pleasure to compose Lux Aeterna for the Cantabile Chamber Singers and to hear it come to life at LUX. Thank you to Cheryll, the choir and soloists. It was a wonderful evening!

  •  Laura Silberberg, composer: Lux – November 10th, 2012

On December 19th of 2010, St Simon’s Parish Choir had the great pleasure of welcoming the Cantabile Chamber Singers to join with them in presenting a service of Nine Lessons and Carols.

The added number of singers in the choir stalls, along with a very palpable spirit of congeniality in our music-making, greatly enhanced the overall affect of this celebratory service. I found the director Cheryll Chung, to be very flexible in the choosing of repertoire and an absolute joy with which to work! The outreach component of the Cantabile Chamber Singers, in particulatr, is to be lauded, as well as their high level of musicianship.

— Kirkland Adsett : Music Director, St. Simon’s the Apostle Church, Toronto

Cantabile’s energy and curiosity about new choral music is truly inspiring. I’ve found my collaboration with them most enjoyable – their professionalism and their beautiful sound made for a wonderful performance of my new work “Remember Me” at their March 13 concert. They bring real dedication not only to choral music but to the charitable causes they support and I look forward to working with them and their director, Cheryll Chung, as often as they like!

— Cecilia Livingston: Composer-in-Residence 2009/2010 season

Dear Cheryll & the Cantabile Chamber Singers,

On behalf of our group at Toronto Life-Spring Christian Fellowship, we would like to thank your choir for joining us for our street mission on December 18th, 2009. It was awesome to partner with you to bring a little Christmas cherry to the men of Seaton House. You might not have known, but right before we arrived there that night, there was a fight between some of the men outside of the building, so tensions were running high. We received some feedback from the staff saying they were very thankful that we were able to lighten and change the mood with the Christmas carols led by your choir.

I believe that the men really enjoyed hearing your wonderful voices and singing along with you that night. One of them commented that he liked your choice of Christmas carols because they were contemporary and upbeat! Overall, your presence and contribuition to our street mission was very much appreciated by us as well as the staff and men of Seaton House. Thank you all so much and we hope that we can do it again next year! Blessings to you all and have a very joyful new year!

— Gabriel Wee, Joshua Wee and Theresa Wong: On behalf of Toronto Life Spring Christian Fellowship

Hello CCS!

I just wanted to say thank you for your help at Out of the Cold this Christmas Eve December 24th, 2009. I was very touched by the amount of people who came out, especially given that it was Christmas Eve.

I know that they really appreciated the caroling and thanked me for it, so I would just like to thank you so, so much for helping me.
It’s great to know you guys are there for the things that count!

Larissa K.: Singer, Out of the Cold event organizer