Concert Testimonial

We love receiving testimonials of our concerts.

Thank you to Farhad Nargol-O’Neill!

It was with the expectation of excellence and diversity that I came to The Church of the Redeemer last week to hear the Cantabile Chamber Singers perform their latest programme. Having heard this ensemble, the brainchild of Maestro Cheryll J. Chung on two occasions previously, it was hard not to expect something wonderful – and I was certainly not let down. I must say it was a very generous programme in two parts which offered up a very diverse and comprehensive selection of choral music (with some instrumental accompaniment) ranging from the early Renaissance to new works by Canadian composer Laura Sgroi who also gave the audience an example of improvisation which was quite pleasing to all. My personal favourite piece was a Nordic work which highlighted for me an often overlooked and highly original form in the European high art repertoire.

Well done Cantabile Chamber Singers and well done Cheryll Chung! It is uplifting to know that such companies are enjoying such support in this city, and I urge further support from all people of goodwill so that such performances and repertoire are not lost but rather celebrated. I look forward to the next performance from this wonderful choral ensemble.


Yours truly,

Farhad Nargol-O’Neill- Sculptor.